It has been recognized that education exercises a significant influence on the employment and income opportunities open to people and hence corrects the inequalities in society, leading to economic and social betterment.  The success of a country’s economic front hinges on the efforts of the academic community to provide the right input in the ever-changing national and international conditions.  Besides being the provider of skilled personnel, education has the additional responsibility of fostering national unity and solidarity.


Mission of the Society is to provide quality Education, Advance methods of Training and meaningful research, Professional approach & Value based education.

The role of education is multifaceted; it has to develop the personality of the boys and girls, to inculcate the feeling in each one, to have a disciplined and cultured lifestyle, which alone can bring cultural and economic growth in society.  The founder’s implicit belief is that education must maximize an individual’s potential.

About us

Education has a vital role in the development of the nation. Education is not a shear transmission of knowledge and information to the learner but this transmission must influence the young minds to realize their inner self also.
SanskarBharti T. T. College was established in the year 2008 in the rural area of the Alwar district by great visionary aand social activist Mr. Veer Singh Mehra (Ex. ZilaParshad)
SanskarBharti T. T. College empower its students with professional competence, innovation and leadership, it enables the student to excel with humanity and redefine the notions of success and become pivotal in the development of society